Formateur agréé par la Commission des partenaires du marché du travail aux fins de l'application de la Loi favorisant le développement et de compétence de la main d'oeuvre.


Before starting a Training program a 3 hours evaluation of your personnel would establish the potential of each individual and build a target training program for your needs.

How does it work:

  • 3 to 4 individuals on site and with your equipment 
  • Each would receive a PCB and assembly plan
  • Details of the content and guidance of the evaluation provided on demand
  • The grades and observations would be compiled on a table
  • The compilation takes a few hours, and a meeting with supervisor is schedule after
  • Will be provided to supervisors a visual table that will instantly target workmanship skills to be improved
  • This evaluation system would minimise the training cost by targeting exactly the training needs

The cost of $200. Per individual, and is refundable if the evaluation Leeds to training

With all this information you would be able to continue your own training or reinforcement to minimize the rework that are very costly, in the long run the quality would considerably be improved.


We recommend an evaluation every 2 years in order to establish if there was improvement in workmanship skills.

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