Formateur agréé par la Commission des partenaires du marché du travail aux fins de l'application de la Loi favorisant le développement et de compétence de la main d'oeuvre.


This Training with an IPC certification can be combined with a practical training.

The IPC Training is devised in 9 Modules, the modules 1 and 2 are mandatory and the other modules depend on your needs and can be added to the training.

ex. Modules 1,2,4,7,8 For SMT would be a 13 hours course                                   

     Modules 1,2,4,6,8 For THT would be 13 hours course

And the dertificates would be open for a period of two years that you could add other Modules if desired





Modules 1 and 2:  Mandatory
Introduction/Professional Policies and Procedures, Foreword, Applicable Documents, & Handling (ESD)
3.5 Hours

Module 3
Hardware Installation and Wire Bundle-Lacing and Routing

1.5 Hour

Module 4
Soldering Acceptability Requirements, anomalies, High Voltage-Terminals- Wires/Leads

1.5 Hour

Module 5
Terminal Connections/Lead/Wires (Requires Modules 4 & 8 prior to taking this Module)

3 Hours

Module 6
Trough-Hole Technology and Jumper Wires

4 Hours

Module 7
Surface Mount Assemblies (SMT) Including MT Jumper Wires (Requires Module 4 prior to taking this module

4 Hours

Module 8
Component Damage and Printed Circuit Boards and Assemblies

4 Hours

Module 9
Solderless Wire Wrap

1 Hour

A Complete IPC-A- 610-F Specialist (CIS) Training is 22 Hours Training:

1) Open Book Exam

2) Close Book Exam

An IPC Certificate will be given to the Student at the end of Training if he or she succeeds.

The IPC Certificate is valid for 2 Years and during that time you can add any modules.

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