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Rework and Repair of Double Layer, Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards and Flexible

This Training of 4 days is designed for Technicians with experience

One more day is recommended for less experienced employees.

Content :

  • The Logical Approach to Repair Training
  • Analysis and Definition of the Problem
  • Defined the Procedures of Work
  • Base Material of Substrate and Coatings
  • Removing Conformal Coating
  • Different Methods of Component Removal
  • Different Methods of Component Removal on Large Thermal Mass Using Auxiliary Heat
  • Wire Repair Method
  • Flat Conductor Repair Method with Cir-Kit Conductors
  • Repair of Lifted or Missing Pads
  • Removal and Replacement of Eyelets, Rivets and Terminals
  • Repairing a Burned or Missing Section of Circuit Board
  • Repairing Multilayer Boards and Flex
  • Refurbishing/Replating Repair or Worn Edge Connectors
  • Modifications & Repair with Jumper wires
  • Evaluation by the Standards IPC 7711/7721

At the end of the Training the student’s will received: 

  • A training Handbook
  • The Circuits that they assembled during the training
  • A Certificate of our Company

The Training will be provided by highly skilled IPC Certified instructors

(A-610, ANSI-J-STD-001, IPC 7711/7721)

Hand tools soldering station of new generation and microscope for each workbench.

Circuits, Components and a Handbook are provided.

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